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Design -- General
Next movement in architecture 36
Thesis: Floating structures 7
Questionnaire on public spaces 3
Provincial schools of design 4
Iconic architecture 3
Subterranean structure 8
Fay Jones 1
Mass housing 2
Dubai Buildings 1
Flexible architecture 9
Mathematics and Architecture 2
Martyrs' monuments 1
The African Park 3
Underwater residence 6
Modern forts 2
Open versus built spaces 1
Thesis: Leisure and retirement center 2
Thesis: Children's Mall 1
Thesis topic: Healing Garden 2
Does CAAD effect your design creativity? 17
Thesis: Farmhouse 6
Architect K. Jaisim, Fountainhead 12
New design concepts for shopping malls 3
Daniel Libeskind 2
Contemporary architecture in Pakistan 4
Evolution of railway stations in India 6
Stress caused in office due to workplace design 1
Mosques versus Churches 5
Thesis: Principles of design 2
Astronomy shop 3
Moshe Safdie 4
Emergence of computers in the design process 1
Quality in design 1
Smart village 1
Intimate yet open spaces 3
Spiritual spaces 5
Thesis: Medical tourism centre 5
Searching images of office buildings 2
Iconic design 0
Chinese architecture 4
Golden section in modern buildings 3
Architects and their creative process 3
Intuition vs. pragmatics in design 8
Old markets of India 6
Gallery design 1
Mohamed Makiyya and Abul Kheil 4
Thesis: Emerging Trends in Airport Design 1
Gold and architecture 1
Mad architecture 1
High Art 1
Good taste in design 7
Do movies affect your sense of design? 8
Why did you become an architect? 23
Architecture magazines 4
Mobile architecture 6
Thesis: Institute for adventure sports 2
Why are apartments more popular in metropolitan cities? 2
Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi 1
Corporate identity 2
Thesis: Open and semi-open spaces 30
Details about crematorium 4
Thesis: State Assembly for Uttaranchal 1
A local house of tomorrow; overcoming the problems of meanwhile 1
Louis Kahn 6
What should be the procedure of a design work? 1
Combining open air market with shopping centers 2
Music = Architecture? 5
Pedestrian modelling 1
Affordable housing 7
Architecture in a foreign land 12
Natural patterns and architectural design 2
Women's shelter: healing spaces 1
Thesis: Central Jail 6
Socially responsible design? 2
Survey of CAD uses employing CAM as well 8
Arab Court of Justice 2
One project many concepts! Best one? 1
Philosophy for teaching kids architecture 6
Did buildings in the past concentrate more on mathematics? 1
New airport design in the Indian subcontinent 13
Wedding halls 2
Actions of Architecture: Architects and Creative Users 1
Thesis: Shopping Mall Design 2
Home of the future 3
Are styles developed by clientism? 1
How is geometry significant to architecture? 5
Liberty as a generator for Inspiration 4
Building for Professional Women's Organization 1
Crossing borders 6
High-rise towers / buildings 2
If culture really required any "cultural center" for its depiction esp in the context of big cities. 4
Architecture for inspiring people 0
Design process and methodology 3
Good house design 0
Neo-vernacular architecture in Pakistan 5
The paradox:Architecture and Democracy" 1
A futural Digitalized Desert Center 2
Resort on hilly area 1
Architecture as a mean of the conversion to democratic life 2
Good websites on contemporary architecture 2


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