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The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo
This is a discussion responding to this publication in the ArchNet Digital Library: al-Asad, Mohammad. 1992. The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo. In Muqarnas IX: An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture. Oleg Grabar (ed.). Leiden: E.J. Brill.
ArchNet Librarian
The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo
Is there way to find out whether a fellow by the name of Anton Stavros contributed to the design/architecture of the 'Muhammad Ali Mosque' in Cairo?
Joseph Anton
The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo
Look at the news item in the ArchNet lobby for a link to an article on the Muhammad Ali Mosque in Cairo. If the name is not mentioned in the article, perhaps try contacting the author, Professor Nasser Rabbat at MIT.
Shiraz Allibhai
The Mosque of Muhammad 'Ali in Cairo
I want to thank you for your efforts
in my request to find the architects/artists who contibuted to the Mosque of Muhammad Ali in Cairo.
Fortunately, I did find what I was looking for through some relatives I have in Syria and Lebanon. Thanks again for your cooperation.
Joseph Anton


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