Landscape Architecture
History of landscape
To talk about the history of landscape design, what are the main gardens to study? Who were the first to accomplish it? How was it was executed?
Riyan Abeeb
History of landscape
There is a wonderful book on the topic. It is called Landscapes In History, by Phillip Pregill and Nancy Volkman, it is a must if you need to study this subject. It starts with the Near East region and goes on...
Maria Ayub
History of landscape
Hello Riyan

History of landscape is interwoven with the social changes and the cultural patterns of the world has had a wide impact on the development of landscape. instead of reading on isolated examples why don't you understand the cross cultural influences on the different types of landscape ..
the books "Landscape of Man" and History of Landscape by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers are good reading son the topic
Monika Pillai


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