Theory and Criticism
Socialism and architecture of Denmark in the 1960-1970s
I'm doing a research on one Indian architect who did his master's at the Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, Denmark. So I need to have some information about the architecture and forces of a socialist country on that architect during his time there in 1972 (1960-70s). So, do let me know if there are some online articles or materials relating to the same.
Suraj Parmar
Socialism and architecture of Denmark in the 1960-1970s
hi Suraj,
there's a book called 'Life Between Building' by a Danish architect and professor at the Academy of Fine Arts, calles Jan Gehl. This book may be helpful and i can't remeber offhand the name of the book but if you go to an online bookshop and type in 'Socialism' and 'Denmark', you may find it, it is very comprehensive icluding different movements during this period and the types of architecture that was being built. i will try to find out the name of the book. hope it helps
Naina Narsai


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