Theory and Criticism
Redefining the commercial urban space
My aim is to study the concept of shopping malls and streets and to arrive at a new form of commercial space that is a combination of the two.

To evolve a new form of commercial space that enhances the quality of an urban space giving scope for an environment that connects the public with new people, new ideas and new sensations, and gives an opportunity to be interactive and to participate in those environments, however briefly, whether actively or passively, and to make city people buy, consume and enjoy.

I would like to know your insight on the following issues:

    How should be the present market culture w.r.t. digital interfaces, internet shopping, social and technological developments and other present situations?

    What is the impact of acceptance of globalization and westernization on Indian market and commerce culture?

    Why are new streets not coming up anymore? Are proposals being made for shopping streets in new town planning and suburb planning schemes?


    Shopping streets, shopping malls, what next???

Chaitra Saraf
Redefining the commercial urban space
Chaitra, What about "ground floor shopping levels" in urban blocks?

Here in Turkey many urban blocks are square and have about four levels. The upper levels are all apartments and the ground floor has shops all around the outside and either one or two passages through the centre with more shops.

Some blocks have central areas with wide stairs and access to floors both above and below the access level.

This means that the whole of the ground floor can be used by people shopping.
Frank John Snelling


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