Landscape Architecture
Slope in landscape design
What are the prospects and constraints of slope in landscape design?
Riyan Abeeb
Slope in landscape design
What do you need?
Magyda Cherradi
Slope in landscape design
Hello Magyda,

I want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of slopes for a building. How they offer good value and the problems they create... In short, what are the pros and cons of a contoured site.
Riyan Abeeb
Slope in landscape design
Hi Riyan,

Your question is still too broad and confusing: are you looking at to design a building or a landscape project such as gardens? What are the specifics? So much depends on the specifics of your design project.

Also, give us some of your own thoughts as well; demonstrate that you've done some preliminary research yourself.
Ozgur Basak Alkan
Slope in landscape design
Actually, I want to know with respect to a building how a slope offers good and bad responses. Like, for example, in a slope we have its advantages of levels. We care about the watershed and surface flow, in a similar manner, what are the basic points which one needs to keep in mind before placing a building on a contoured site?
Riyan Abeeb
Slope in landscape design
Hello Riyan Adeed

Somehow your words dont exactly convey what you want to say. But, with my vague guess if it is about the importance of a slope in landscape design. In my opinion, while doing landscaping slope plays a vital role in maintaining the beauty of the creation of landscape itself. I think every landscape architects keeps in mind of a perfect water drain by offering necessary slopes wherever needed so that the surplus water gets drained from the landscaped area.

I have just tried to answer you. If you could express exactly what you need then I shall try interacting with you.

Thanks & regards
Azmathulla Shariff
Slope in landscape design
Azmathulla, I think Riyan needs to get his clay model and the water sprayer and start looking at how water flows on the topography. Get your clay and build your model, Riyan. Spray water and see how it drains.
Maria Ayub


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