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I'm in my final year of an Interior Architecture course at university, but finding myself more and more intrigued by architecture itself, being able to design from concept to finish in every aspect seems much more rewarding than simply the interior and exterior space.

I'm stuck on what path to take...

Do I use my degree I will gain towards an architecture course so I'd have to do a few less years or go straight into a company that does both design and architecture and try and learn this way?

As I found on my placement year experience in the practice is much more beneficial than study itself...

Any advice or guidance anyone can pass on would be appreciated.

Craig Cobham
Interior architecture to architecture

Maybe you could find somewhere where you can do an MA in Architecture?
Then combine the two strands by doing leisure and high-street designs?

The original architects used to design everything in a building (the building, the structure, the furniture, etc), but this way appears to have vanished about the time of the 1920s "ornament is crime" Internationalist Avante Garde.

The late Victorian - Edwardian era of Mackintosh, Lutyens, FL Wright, Gaudi, Greene + Greene, Art Nouveau, etc).], was probably the swan-song of "integrated or holistic architecture".
Frank John Snelling
Interior architecture to architecture
Salaam Craig,

Since you ask any advice...
I think is better to go straight to work, one or two years of work is much much better.

Then you'll be able to make a better decision and a choice between interior and exterior, landscape, garden, industrial...

The profession is vast.

If I remember correctly, Prof. Leonardo Benevolo (Rome, Italy) says that Architecture is the Mother of all Arts, visual arts included.

I don't believe in random happening: if you get to work in a certain company, it will also be a sign for your future.

Good luck. Our craft is beautiful.

Love and chocolate,

Marina M. Montanaro
Interior architecture to architecture

Marina makes a good point. If you are young enough, you can spend a year or two working and thinking about your next step. Life is cycling through a series of expansions and contractions.

You expand by opening your horizon wide and consider the many options open to you. You choice of one option is a contraction which enables you to focus. Then within your chosen option then again expand your horizons to consider the options within that option. Then choose another option, etc.
Frank John Snelling
Interior architecture to architecture
Hi Craig,
It��s simple to define. Interior Arch is a narrow concept within which you will be limited to defined scope either interior or exterior. While on the other hand, architecture itself possess a broader scope. You always will have the opportunity to express your interior/exterior design skills in addition to the whole design concept of the building.

If I put myself in your shoes I'd select the open end (architecture) for graduation, and then after a couple of years' experience, do specialise in a more specific (interior/exterior) field.

I trust this will be helpful.
Maneer Khan


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