Theory and Criticism
Contemporary Indian architecture

I'm doing a research on contemporary Indian architecture and trying to investigate it in three areas: first generation, second generation and third generation. What are the factors, influences, inspirations and developments affecting each generation, and what is the general force behind contemporary indian architecture?
Ruchika Arora
Contemporary Indian architecture
Hi Ruchika,
Which period of contemporary Indian architecture are you interested in investigating? Post 1990s or earlier?
Vrinda Vijayarajan
Contemporary Indian architecture
Ruchika, if you are the one doing the research, shouldn't it be you telling us what were the factors, influences, and developments were that affected each generation?
Shiraz Allibhai
Contemporary Indian architecture

If you are an undergraduate student, you need to focus on only a few parameters..

Even for a post-graduate, it seems to me that it is a vast topic for thorough research. But an interesting topic though.

Assuming that you are talking about last 50-60 years, you can phase out w.r.t. time, to begin with:-

1. Socio-Economic forces (then and now)
2. Technological advancements
3. Rising population pressures in urban areas
4. Sudden boom in information technology
5. Growth of architecture colleges and increasing number of architects
6. Political scenario - national and international
7. Fashion and trends... likes and dislikes of people


I am sure you will come across many interesting facts. Do share with us what you have learnt.
Chitradeep Sengupta


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