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Traffic island
Hi all,
I am an architect working on a landscape design of a traffic island of 25m in diameter. Can anyone tell me about some case studies? I have already executed a similar project, but want to expand my data bank more.
Images or views would be of great help.
Ojas Trivedi
Traffic island
Ojas, "Traffic islands" of any size are or tend to become dead areas, because the road around is usually too wide to allow people to casually walk across and use it as a mini-park.

I have seen similar sized traffic islands used as roundabouts with underpass walkways, but these attract anti-social and criminal elements.
Frank John Snelling
Traffic island

Yes, I do agree with you on your opinion. I was able to produce an appealing design for my client group. Basically I have played with various proportioned elements and treated the project more like a sculpturesque piece amidst traffic.

I struggled a bit with the height limitations but in the end I could produce what I wanted. Let's see how it turns out at the execution stage with various construction details.

Thanks for the response-

Ojas Trivedi
Traffic island
Ojas, If you kept in mind that "designing responsibly" is not just designing and having it made and then forgetting to look at it ever again let alone doing regular time plots of the way your design is used.

Too much so-called modern architecture is of the "fire and forget" type, so that architects do not go back at regular intervals to check how their design works in the real world.

Too much modern "street architecture" is designed and put up without ever checking how it is used or misused in the future. A typical example is the so-called modern bus shelter which is composed of a glass back wall and and an illuminated advertisement "wall" which obstructs the pavement and makes it difficult for pedestrians to pass.

In the case of public Landscape Architecture designs, I have seen too many which are designed, planted and forgotten without any maintenance, becoming dirty, disgusting and often menacing areas used by the antisocial.

You could say that "Landscape Architecture is for life" in the same way as "a pet is for life". Cosmetic tidying up of a public space many look good for about three months, but with no function and no maintenance, it is probably better just to plant a tree.
Frank John Snelling


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