Landscape Architecture
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
Hello everyone,

I am a final year student of architecture and currently working on my thesis, in which I have taken landscaping and outdoor detailing as my advanced objectives for the project.

Since the site of the project is on the banks of the Sabarmati river, the need to provide a link between the city and the river is quite apparent. What would be better than ghats, the typical riverside architecture of India, for such a case?

Thus, I need to do a case study of a river town/ghats town, and my jury has suggested that I go with the Ayodhya ghats, since they have recently been resconstructed.

Can any of you please suggest some material to refer for this before I go to Ayodhya?

Also, what else could I study to determine the design criteria for my riverfront project?
Preeti Pahwa
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
Where is site?

On river Ganges or Sabarmati. Ganges ghats are well known since centuries and you can get details very near that is Kankaria Lake or say Modhera Temple, tell your guide to help you by discussion and analysis to understand the design relevance of stepped architecture to water front/land edge/environment/erosion/surroundings both green as well human usage/landscape ambience etc.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
The site is along Sabarmati, Ayodhya or Ganges riverfront. I need to study so as to frame out design criteria for my project.
Preeti Pahwa
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
hi preeti...

i'm a post graduate student doing my specialization in design from Milan. I have to do a similar study in which I need to pick up an area which, either by a spontaneous phenomenon or by design intentions has become a threshold in terms of city-scapes. I mean at the urban level, how do landscapes and city scapes respond in that perticular case. I thought I'll jst ask you if have done your thesis on this topic, may be you could provide me with sonme vital information about the ghats of ayodhya.

I'd really appreciate if you cud respond asap.

Thnx a ton.
Vibhor Singh
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
Ghats are an integral part of Indian culture. Holy bathing, rituals, offerings to the gods, boating, riverside temples, fishing, festivals, melas, deity-'visarjan'... There is so much of romanticism attached to this concept. Ghats, by their very concept are so complete! I dont understand what could be 'better than ghats'?
I think your question should rather be 'How to design "better" ghats?'

In an Indian landscape, perhaps the original (and modified technologically) concept of ghats is, perhaps, just the best.
More than ghats would probably mean borrowing concepts from, say, how Venice is handling riverscapes; and then start placing the McDonalds and Starbucks on Indian ghats.

A good idea could be to device architectural solutions to ensure that the regular activities are not polluting the river, but the cultural values are retained. Issues of way-finding during peakdays, traffic control,crowd control, signage points could probably be critical, if your site is one that attracts huge floating population during some times in a year.

BTW, Haridrwa could also be a nice case study for you.
P Das
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
Hi Preeti,

I remember participating in a design studio based on Ayodhya a few years ago at the TVB School of Habitat Studies.

You can contact Prof. Rajat Ray at the Sushant School of Architecture in Delhi for information.

I may be wrong but I think Ravindra Bhan in Delhi did some work on the ghats in Ayodhya - he may be another source of information.

For additional information on ghats and waterfront development in India, I would refer to the numerous theses done on ghats in Benaras.

Another resource maybe looking at revitalization of post industrial waterfronts overseas to understand issues from a Real Estate Development perspective.

Hope this helps.

Anubhav Gupta
Thesis: Ghats of Ayodhya
Hi preeti
i am doing my thesis on banaras riverfront development and picking haridwar ghats as my primary case study. also, ghats of ujjain and ayodhya as my secondary case study. can you please guide me about execution of case studies. please suggest some study material on Indian riverfront. thanks
Animesh Dev


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