Landscape Architecture
Starting a career in landscape architecture
My name is Michael and I am interested in starting a career in LA. I have always been interested in the environment/art/landscaping/plants/real estate. I have a BS in marketing and advertising. I have been working various sales jobs in finance/mortgage/banking since I graduated 4 years ago. I have always felt my creativity has been limited because i do not "love what i do". A career designing outdoor spaces whether they be residential lots or city parks is right up my alley. I started this forum to get some advice from professionals in the landscape architecture feild. First and foremost will firms consider me for employment without a BLA. I currently live in Los Angeles and would ideally stay in this area. After completeing 4 years of college, I'm not sure an additional college stint is in the plans, yet i am open to any and all advice. thank you
Michael Pettit
Starting a career in landscape architecture
michael, finding a job without at least having your BLA may be rather difficult.

however, it is not uncommon for individuals, such as yourself whom have a bachelors degree in another field and a in interest in landscape architecture to make the decision and return to school in pursuit of their MLA. obtaining your MLA without a BLA will take about three (3) years but I would say almost half of every MLA class is comprised of students without a BLA. students whom have their BLA and decide to come back to school for an MLA typically join during the second year of the program.

however, if you are seriously interested in landscape architecture I would first suggest setting up some informational interviews with some local firms to see the types of projects they work on and what a typical office setting is like. it is a great chance to see first hand how diverse the profession is and hopefully wet your appetite and encourage you to return to school and the rigors studio life.

good luck!
Zachary Bloch


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