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Art and design: definitions
Could any one please help me with some informed opinions on the differences and similarities between art and design.
Mark Adshead
Art and design: definitions

Probably the difference betwen art and design is that design implies an intentional/conscious decision to create, whereas art can be an unintentional/unconscious creation.

A good example of both in action is the work and thought of Kandinsky. He intuitively created a number of shapes which he then used intuitively in his abstract works of art.

The intentional design part of Kandinsky's work appears in his book "Point to Line to Plane," created so that other people could read and synthesise works of art using his system of abstract aesthetics.

I went further than Kandinsky (I must have unconsciously absorbed the concepts of his thought) and wrote a trilogy I call "The infinite systems of logic, culture and aesthetics."

I define "infinite systems" as being anywhere between absolute order and absolute chaos.
Frank John Snelling
Art and design: definitions
Dear Mark,

Very simply put, art is an expression of man, while design comes out of a conscious effort towards a satisfactory expression.

In art there aren't supposed to be aesthetic cliques to judge it as good or bad. But in design there are critiques who may evaluate the design on many fronts and grade the same.
Eram Ansari


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