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Consequences of modernism in architecture
Dear All,

I'm currently researching the consequences of modernism in architecture. What are the philosophies and social ideals of these modernists: Le Corbusier, Gropius and I.M. Pei?
Eben Ankrah
Consequences of modernism in architecture

The consequence of modernism in architecture is generations of anti-social anarchy in the developed world.

So does the developing world want to repeat their mistakes over and over?
Frank John Snelling
Consequences of modernism in architecture

More than 'modern' buildings, we need 'intelligent' buildings:

If a long lifetime is the mark of a successful species, may it not be argued that the 'intelligent building' is the construct which has 'found its niche,' become valued by civilisation(s) so as to be sustained by their human caretakers in utility, over time?

Do buildings develop souls? Are they intelligent? Should architects accept angels in their designs?

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart


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