Landscape Architecture
Landscape character assessment
Has anybody any idea about landscape character assessment in India?

Could anyone please answer these questions or give me some links or references:

How is landscape understood and described in India?

1. what are the national priorities for landscapes as described in laws and instruments on regional level?
2. Administrative units and planning levels: how are landscapes on regional level?
3. Who is responsible for landscape issues?
4. How is the public involved in this process?
Shashikala Mothe
Landscape character assessment
Normally the Forest department of the government of India takes care of preservation/protection and maintanance of reserved forest or landscape area.

Agricultural zones at a local level are taken care of by the Panchayat Adm.

People participate in formulating policies through assembly debates and legislative approvals.

India is a vast country with huge bio-diversity and very unique climates.....your questions are intersting.
Dushyant Nathwani


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