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Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand

I am doing a dissertation on a state assembly for the new Jharkand State that was formed out of Bihar by the State Reformation Act.

Anyone who has any information regarding this, or has any point of view regarding the building of a state assembly, please share your knowledge.

Thank you,
Nidhi Gupta
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
Contact the office of architect Karan Grover, who happens to have designed the Goa assembly building.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
Hi Nidhi,

The Assembly Building as well as the Capitol Complex were assigned to ORG (Operation Research Group); a concern of ORG-MARG.

I doubt if there is any progress in this regard.

As far as case studies are concerned, I would recommend you to study some of the concepts of Vidhan Sabha-Bhopal. The context, to a great extent matches with Jharkhand.

Try and study the Parliament of Lanka by Geoffery Bawa as well.
P Das
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
Thank you sir for your help. Regarding the ORG-MARG: I have looked them up but to no avail. Please elaborate in that respect.

I intend to take the following as my case studies: the Capitol Complex, Chandigarh; Vidhan Bhavan, Bhopal; Goa State Assembly; National Assembly Building, Bangladesh.

I would also like to put in a request to anyone who has contacts that would let me visit these building, especially the Goa and Bhopal ones.
Nidhi Gupta
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand

I am a 4th year architecture student at BIT Mesra. I would like to know more about this project that you have picked up, since I'm myself interested in doing a similar project for my thesis.
Karan Sharma
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
I think you should talk to Manav Bhargav of the TVB School of Habitat Studies, Delhi, as he has done his thesis on the state assembly for Jharkhand.
Vaibhav Prakash
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
To Vaibhav Prakash,

Thank you. Do you have any contact details of the said person in New Delhi, or know where can I find his contact info?

To Karan,

You can contact me at for the details you want.
Nidhi Gupta
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
Hi Nidhi,
Myself Sunny Gupta i am a architecture student from Maharashtra.I have taken my thesis topic as "Vidhan Bhavan".So it is very interesting to know that many people are interested in this type of topic because very few persons got this chance to visit this buildings.Now i have also started gatering info about such buildings.So we can help each other at any moment when needed.
You can refer the discussion forum for Vidha Bhavan Bhopal,it is really good to read that discussion.
Looking for your response.
Thank you.
Sunny Gupta
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
hi nidhi,
I have also taken my thesis topic as Assembly building for chhattisgarh.we could help each other with this.if you giv me your mail id then i could send yo more info.
Krutika Phule
Thesis: State assembly for Jharkand
Dear Nidhi Ji,
i am doing a thesis report on Parliament Building as well. If you could kindly help me with some reference i would be very thankful.
Bishal Khanal


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