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Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Hi everyone,

I have been reading few of the discussions on this useful site. I myself am a student of architecture, and in my final year. I'm doing my thesis on bus terminals.

I have done some case studies and research on how a bus terminal operates and came to the conclusion that vehicular and pedestrian flows are the primary concerns for any bus terminal. I selected my site in Lahore. It's located at the edge of the city, along a road that directly leads into the motorway (highway). My client is a private multinational transportation company.

Now, I have to start my design and am looking for suggestions, any useful information on designing bus terminals.

Thank you,
Hassan Raza
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)

Hmm, depends upon whether or not your bus terminal is for use within one urban area or for long-distance travel from town to town. :)))

For a long-distance bus terminal:

From my recent stay in Turkey, I can recommend the design of the major bus (aka long-distance coach) terminals (known in Turkish as "otogar") in Istanbul and Ankara which are usually upon two or more vehicle access levels and have a central concourse for people together with bus company shops and refreshment places. The buses then park all around the outside of the concourse in numbered bays.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Thanks, Frank, for the response!!
Actually it was my first time to discuss my thesis topic online with different talented architects so I was a bit uncomfortable and didn't tell the whole story, here it is: it's a intercity bus terminal for Daewoo.

Daewoo is a private client for me and it will cater to a specific class of passenger because it is a bit more expensive then any other tranportation company which is offering intercity facilities and it has a good company reputation and they also want to enhance their facilties with this new terminal.

So how much a company corporate image should reflect in the design and form of the terminal?
Hassan Raza
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
I thought Daewoo was a car manufacturer? Sounds are though they are diversifying their financial portfolio or maybe this is a monopolising move? As if Daewoo can make the vehicles for transport and control the transport routes then they have the whole ball game in the bag.

If you think about it, you will be designing a Bus terminal that houses not only the normal daily inflow and out flow of buses, but also a complete vehicle servicing operation which if they are using their own vehicles will mean that there should be over-capacity to serve the local urban area as well.

So you are probably looking at a large combined vehicle sales, vehicle service vehicle spare parts depot, bus terminal and vehicle manufacturing in the future.

Anyway, I imagine that "Daewoo" as a single commercial client with an international image to maintain, will have a great deal to say about how they want their terminal to look.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Actually Daewoo is operating this transportaional facility with a local company, it's a joint venture!

Other then that it will be a Daewoo city in which passenger terminal building, shops area,there will be a motel and an employees residence along with it.

The terminal building will provide the future extension and will acommodate over capacity. Other private transporters can also use this terminal if they agree to maintain that standards that this company has. Daewoo is already operating in this city.

The building they are using for a terminal is not designed for a terminal, so they have a plan to move to a bigger place. Daewoo already has made a good impression on customers because of major differences between the local transporters and them.

This terminal building will be the city's major monumental building.
Hassan Raza
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Dear Bro. Hassan Raza,
Assalamu Alaikum

Since you are working on thesis on bus terminals, you have a chance to really work on the bus terminals in Bangalore.

Few of the bus terminals are state-of-the-art, located just at the heart of Bangalore. I think you can get information on these on the websites too.

Bangalore is also the first city in entire India to introduce state of the art Volvo vehicles for city commuters, who are ready to pay anything for comfort.

In case you don't find then, kindly write to Mr. Dastagir Shariff, Chief Traffic Manager, Shantinagar, BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation), Bangalore- 560 027.
Azmathulla Shariff
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Thanks, Azmatullah for showing interest!

I have checked the info about the new Volvo bus service from Bangalore; the bus is really a state of the art, and it will make a major difference for the commuter who are interested in long distance travelling, but there are no new terminals for this new service.

So I didn't get it, what you were saying, like I really have a chance to work for the Bangalore terminal, I would love to work for that terminal but I have never been to Bangalore or India, it will make things a bit difficult for me.

I need any of the email addresses or websites where I can get information about terminals.
Hassan Raza
Thesis: Bus terminal, Lahore (Pakistan)
Hello everyone, I am so glad i found some one who we so interested on bangalore bus terminal,let me give a intro on myself. myself vinay studying Architecture in bangalore.this is my final year in college and have decided to do a thesis on bus terminal..i have chosen bangalore bus terminal as a site..which really in need of development as the metro station is also passes though the terminal.
i am keen on developing the existing terminal provide a comfortable movement for the passengers who use both metro train and bmtc buses for local transport.
i would be glad if you give me as to how i could go upon this before i start design.
awaiting for you reply
Vinay h.c


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