Landscape Architecture
Garden of calligraphy
My thesis is about a garden, but this garden is different from other. It is the same as calligraphy, such as line, point, space and etc.

What is your idea about this relation?
Can you help me?
Asieh Sameh
Garden of calligraphy
Are you theorising about this, advancing a concept, or studying towards a degree and need background info? Not clear from your opener.

There is a connection, of course, as indicated amongst other things by the development of 'Islamic' graphic design side by side calligraphy, which has been complementary to sacred and secular practice/s of calligraphy (initiated in royal ateliers and then propagated to the bazaars and private nonroyal but invariably 'noble' households).

A calligrapher's skill lies in conveying a host of things beyond the purported content and in anticipating the nature and scope of interaction with the viewer.

Please write a bit more about what you're getting at.
Sajid Rizvi


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