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The Architect of Domed Mosques as a Master of Pluralism
This is a discussion responding to this publication in the ArchNet Digital Library: …zer, Bulend. "The Architect of Domed Mosques as a Master of Pluralism." Environmental Design: Journal of the Islamic Environmental Design Research Centre 1-2 (1987): 146-155.
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The Architect of Domed Mosques as a Master of Pluralism
I've searched a lot of time for images from the wellknown blue-domed 14th of Ramadan Mosque, at the Firdos square, near the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, often seen on CNN. I know also the history about it. At the moment, I have about 30 pictures of this mosque, I've captured from the internet, but the problem is: I found no sketches, technical drawings, maps, no blue prints, in 2D. Why blue prints, You'll be asking? There I can see how big the Mosque really is and then I have knowledge about the distances and measures. Also I can see what is inside, the innerwalls, the partitioning.
I live in Belgium, about 20km from Antwerp and about 35km from Brussels in a place called "Hingene" near "Bornem", in the province of Antwerp. I have no knowledge about the Arabian language. My language is Dutch. I'm male, 50 years old and teacher in CAD (computer aided drawing or drafting). I teach this profession to pupils from 15-19 years old. In the final year (6th industrial sciences), I teach them how to design mechanical pieces in three dimensions (3D). Some of the pupils are from Moroccon or Turkish origine. So they have the islamic religeon and would draw something of their interrest. Now, I think You know me a little bit better and hope You can help me in the future.
By the way: "Who was the architect for this Mosque"?
Sincerely, Eduard
Eduard Troch


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