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Design of retail markets

I'm doing some research on how existing retail markets can be revitalised to provide for better shopping environments! Basically tackling issues on congestion, pedestrianisation, waste management, etc...

I'm interested in case-studies of markets that have been successfully revitalised, or are working well!

Lorna Kiamba
Design of retail markets
Dear Lorna,

It is my first attempt to teach a Retail Design Course to architecture and IDE students (2nd to 3rd year). It is an exciting discussion of Retail Design in UAE. Do you know of any discussion sources or publication that may enrich my students?

Many thanks in advance.

Mehdi Sabet, aia
School of Architecture & Design
American University of Sharjah
Mehdi Sabet
Design of retail markets
Hi Mehdi!

I'm not too sure if anything that I have found will be of relevance to your course. From what you said, I'm under the impression that you are interested in information on strip retail, shopping centre-like developments. I'm geared towards markets.If you are interested in that you may try and check out It might just be of use.

Lorna Kiamba
Design of retail markets
I've taken my thesis topic as the revitalisation of commercial streets or street markets.
and i'm lookin for case studies too....
or any litreture as to how such streets have been handled.
I heard some work was being done on the Crawford market at Mumbai..

As far as i can see.. the congestion of the place is a direct by-product of its success.... the idea is.. how can this "necessary- evil"; if i can call it that, be stream lined to make the shopping experience a better and enjoyable one...

I hope u will keep in touch.. as any of your research will be a gr8 help to me..

i'm just startin work on my thesis...:)
Pragnya Ganeshan


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