Landscape Architecture
Contemporary landscape architecture
I am researching contemporary landscape architecuture in Africa - a wide topic, yes. But it seems there is very little out there in terms of documentation.

I am curious to seek out contemporary landscape architecture as created by Africans for aesthetic, traditional, community development and/or environmental reasons.

I would also be interested in seeing landscape arch in Africa as a part of a colonial legacy or as a part of international aide development or as eco-tourism efforts.

I am looking to create (rather quickly) a list of projects to further study. Does anyone have any leads on people, projects, sites etc?
Rachel Hill
Contemporary landscape architecture
Would the 'mound buildings' of the American Ohio River Valley be similar to African landscape architecture? I would be interested in noting similarities of design and/or use from continent to continent. The Ohio River valley civilisation was wiped oup, primarily by disease just as Euro-colonialism was spreading to the North America - making it, I suppose somewhat (if only barely) pre-colonialist)?
Anthony Stewart


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