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Latin American architecture
Me dirijo a todos los hispano hablantes para que me recomienden los arquitectos que consideren transmiten nuestra cultura en sus propuestas. Gracias.

I want to know about the most famous Latin American architects. Thanks.

*translation by editor:

To all the Spanish speaking members:

Please recommend those architects whom you consider to be the ones who carry on our culture in their (proposed) works. Thank you.
Wendy Beraun
Latin American architecture
Recomiendo que lean la revista argentina summa mas numero 80 que trata sobre la desconocida arquitectura contemporanea del Paraguay.

*translation by editor:

I recommend that you read the Argentinean magazine "Summa Mas," issue number 80, which talks about the little-known contemporary architecture of Paraguay.
Miguel Rolon
Latin American architecture
well im not Spanish but recently i read a book on latin american architecture. Oscar Nieymer( i hope i spelled) correct is a name. And also le corbusier has a lot of contribution
Mahrukh Mirza


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