Landscape Architecture
Thesis: The Sensory Cityscape
Hello All,

I am working on a thesis topic entitled: "The Sensory Cityscape: Urban Landscape and the City Spirit." My goal is to discuss how our senses influence the perception of an Urban Landscape and the effect on the city spirit and image.

My initial focus is examining the integration of color, texture, sound, smell and light in an urban landscape. Any other approach suggestions are welcome as well as any sources that you feel may be useful. Tell me what you think,

Thanks everyone,
Mitch Rybacki
Thesis: The Sensory Cityscape
You may consider the historical background of the city for you to express the city spirit. Historical heritage is a vital part in knowing who we are. Then, you can eventually merge the past and the present to create harmony.
Sherman Damuag
Thesis: The Sensory Cityscape
Ahh, the smell of worn tarmac, burning rubber and plastics; the choking smell of lead-polluted petro-chem products and exhaust fumes; the aromatic smell of rotting garbage; the shrieking scream of emergency service vehicles; the endless nightmare of streets and roads bare of living plants; the ceaseless patter of tiny feet as filthy rodents scavenge the casual droppings (litter) of humans.
Frank John Snelling
Thesis: The Sensory Cityscape
Hey, that's a nice topic, but remember that the city is hell-sized! Where are you going to focus? Also, sensory perceptions are so dynamic and constantly changing that it's really difficult to make them temporal- but at the same time, they can be easily spatialized, I think. The city is finally a physical agglomeration of the forces of imagery which we always consciously carry in our mind. By the way, you may check the methodology used by the great Kevin Lynch to spatialize the city as the image of man.
Anand Wadwekar


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