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First vault and dome in history
I want to know what the first vault in human history was; and also the first dome, specifically the first ribbed dome?
Waleed Akef
First vault and dome in history
Waleed, The first vault was probably made in prehistoric times.

Simple vaults and domes can be made using the corbelling technique of a slight overlap with every stone or brick layer. Similarly, timber-frame houses use the same overlap technique for each higher floor.

The Lion Gate at Mycenae in Greece uses a "triangular" corbel of two slanting stones and one horizontal (lintel).

Another vault worth looking at is the North African mud brick vault made using a diagonal bonding technique. :)))
Frank John Snelling
First vault and dome in history
salaam Waleed!

I think you may find that the first domes may be connected to kilns. Tatmi bricks - round tapered clay bricks used for the making of raku kilns in Japan - are certainly an ancient technique. I cannot imagine anyone seeing these domes and not immediately wishing to see larger buildings made in similar fashion.

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
First vault and dome in history
Waleed, Anthony has jogged my memory, there are ancient beehive dome shaped stone houses in both southern Italy (Apulia) and in southern Turkey near the Syrian border. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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