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Modernism in Iraq
Hi, I'm a student from New Zealand looking for information on any signs of the modernist movement in Iraq, especially how it was adapted to that locality.

I haven't found anything apart from Rifat Chadirji's book on International Regionalism (not very Iraq specific).. Any ideas?
Florence McNeill
Modernism in Iraq
Florence, Depends upon what you call eveidence of the modernist movement. Given that the bare and blank concrete walls of the modernist movement can be seen everywhere in Iraq and elsewhere.
Frank John Snelling
Modernism in Iraq
Hi Florence,

ArchNet Digital Library has some articles on modernist architects/architecture among its larger collection of articles on Iraq at

I recommend that you search for the work of Rifat Chadirji, Makiya Associates (Muhammad Saleh Makiya), Maath Alousi and Basil al-Bayati, samples of which are all available in the ArchNet Digital Library. (Am I leaving out anyone?)

You may also find the following books to be useful:

Kultermann, Udo. Contemporary architecture in the Arab states : renaissance of a region. New York : McGraw-Hill, 1999.

Al-Asad, Mohammad. The modern state mosque in the eastern Arab world, 1828-1985 / by Mohammad Al-Asad. (PhD Thesis, Harvard University, 1990)

Makiya, Kanan. Post-Islamic classicism : a visual essay on the architecture of Mohamed Makiya. London : Saqi Books, 1990.

If you do not find sufficient information on the web or the books listed above, you may want to search for articles in catalogues such as JStor or Avery Index.

Best of luck,

Ozgur Basak Alkan


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