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I'm an architecture student in Middle East Technical University. This year I'm taking a landscape design course and unfortunately I have teachers who want me to learn by myself although it's the first time that I come face to face with landscape design:( They gave me a project that has four twin villas that have adjoining gardens in an area that has a 1 meter slope, and they want me to design their gardens and put a garage for each of them. I don't really know what to do. How can I use this slope and what are the things or design principles that I should consider while designing the gardens?

Can somebody help me who is working about or interested in landscape design? I really need your help. Thank you...
Selver Ercan
Landscape design help
Selver, (1) Think about the consequences of excess water flow down a one metre slope. You will need ensure that the garages are not flooded in the wet seasons.

(2) Landscape design is the modelling of earth in three dimensions. If you are having problems visuallising the site, make a 1:100 or 1:50 scale clay model of the slope and place the villas and garages.

Then look at the views of the villas and gardens from the outside and imagine plants growing. With a slope of one metre, you can have either one stone/brick wall or several mini-walls to shape the slope. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Landscape design help
Gardens are places which impart feeling to the viewers.The comfort and soothing environment a garden can create is remarkable.

In this case, it's a private sector limited to the villa inhabitants, so the public perspective towards the garden is important. Since the site is sloping, the grading of the garden should be considered. Garages can be a part of landscape or can be camouflaged according to the character of the surroundings. Water draining in a sloping site will not be much of a problem if it is planned well. Some sort of shading methods should be adopted. Overall an ambience of harmony should prevail there. A 2D representation of the garden would give no benefit. You have to visualize the space as though you are living in it.
Rameez Salim
Landscape design help
Dear Selver, Also I'm a Landscape Architect student in Turkey.(Mustafa Kemal University-Antakya)
So we had Landscape Design Lectures till now.Solving slopes are always hard work for Landscape Architect..But I may advise you to put stairs in two steps.Near steps you can use some shrubs or flowers..This is one solution for slope..Any way you may put stairs half of this slope and for the other half you can keep as a ramp..
I wish you will do the best..I hope we will be contact eachother in future
Abdurrahman Cetinkaya


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