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Hi everyone,

I am a student of architecture in India, presently working on my dissertation on Indian embassies and their architecture and the image of India and its culture thus portrayed by these buildings to the citizens of the host nation.

The embassy buildings can simply be defined as an official building of one nation in another; they can not be compared to any building type or office in terms of its functions. Also, these buildings hold very high political/ diplomatic significance. Thus an architect needs to be careful in his design approach to project a relevant and justified image of India, keeping in account various important issues like national identity, culture, society, policies, etc., and also the relations with the host country.

Of course, other aspects are the hierarchy of spaces/privacy and security, at the same time not compromising on the issue of openness of the building.

The embassy building can be said to be the first introduction of India to a foreigner, and in that sense would whet or wither his appetite to learn more about the country. Also since hardly anyone enters these embassy buildings, the only dialogue that exists is with the form or the facade/ skin/ building envelope of the structure.

A layman often tries to judge the foreign policy or the attitude of the country by looking at the embassy building, as I often do whenever I pass through the diplomatic zone of Delhi, where all the embassies and consulates of foreign countries are located. For example, there is the bunker-type design of the U.S. embassy, or the Islamic style of Muslim countries.

So what do you think would be the most appropriate of aspects when designing an Indian embassy in a foreign land:

Indian architecture
The local architecture
Blend of two above
Modern architecture

Please comment.
Gaurav Bhargava
Embassy architecture
hi gaurav, im glad i could find something on embassies finally!! even im doing my thesis on embassy design and im searching for info at no avail... id like to discuss about your experiences in your project... please mail me or else give me your mail id... mine is
Sandilya Digumarthy
Embassy architecture
Well, the building has to answer local climatic problems and can be merging with local ambience, and interior can be Indian ethnic keeping all morden gadgets in place. So that is it.
Dushyant Nathwani
Embassy architecture
Hello I am a student of architecture studying in Bombay-working on my thesis, that talks about the need for another building of diplomatic importance in Kuwait but at a new location(not exactly an embassy since it has only few of its functions)
I have also suggested the need for a cultural n trade center(apart from the basic consular dept)..for certain reasons.
I am designing according to the requirements considering all issues of function,privacy,security,etc that you've already mentioned.
But by keepin in mind the climate of kuwait,the local building materials, construction technologies used in kuwait, use of elements that link kuwait n india(like gardens,water channels,etc) and by tring to make an energy efficient building

I would be very gladif you could kindly discuss the case studies tht you have done for your dissertation.
My email address is:

Awaiting a speedy response..Ridhima
Ridhima Anand
Embassy architecture
im planning to design the indian embassy at tashkent for my thesis project.but the case studies are turning out to be a problem due to security issues.jes wndering hw to go about it.also not many photos or dwgs of embassies in india or elsewher are available on the net.pls help by telling me abt some websites or books antd any other possible options for the research work.
Vanya Jain
Embassy architecture
Gaurav ,the picture you flanked is perfect symbolism of 'simplicity' and traditionally applicable to secular races ..The recent development of its interiors 'deco' effect brings up the excellency .......
However since the Secular Raj has driven itself into 'indigo' and that is a step further than 'voilet' symbolising 'sadness' while you also notice the surge of Regional Leadership[provincial{state}] bringing back 'hinduism ' the use of 'chattri's and other immortal images and icons on plastered walls will depict Bharat better......
Sher Saddozai
Embassy architecture
hi everyone!! i am Tejeshwi from school of planning and architecture and i am planning to do my thesis on Indian embassy in Islamabad. And it would be great if any of you could provide me with information.. my email address is
Tejeshwi Nemani
Embassy architecture
hi i am Adeel Shahzad and i am doing my thesis on "embassy of afghanistan" can anyone help me in data or report about embassy
Adeel Shahzad
Embassy architecture
hey there.apologies since i dont have anything to contribute here and it looks like you've long been done with the thesis anyway.i have taken up the same topic,and i was wondering if you could help me out with the plans for casestudies,since i hear it will be quite a problem with all the security.
mail me at
thanks :)
sravani v


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