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Thesis: "Infotainment" Park
This is my thesis topic and I need help regarding case studies, literature studies and any information regarding the same.

"Infotainment" means getting information through entertainment. It is basically derived from the concept ICE: Information, Communication and Entertainment.

My thrust area is "Digital Media as a Source for Information and Entertainment." These are some of my requirements: IMAX theatre, digital library, art gallery, virtual game complex, cybercafe, science and technology museum, music store and clubs.

Can anyone think of any interesting places to visit in Bangalore or Hyderabad? Also how to go about the design...
Sukanya Namas
Thesis: "Infotainment" Park
Visit the Science Museum in Bangalore and you shall come across lots of input ideas.
Dushyant Nathwani
Thesis: "Infotainment" Park
Hi, my topic is the same.
I did a case study at science city, Ahmedabad (imax and science gallery). It's pretty good. I think doing one of the IT campuses will also be a good idea. My email id is; if there is anything else, do mail. I think we can help each other.
Shadhiya Ebrahim


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