Landscape Architecture
Waterfront revival
Hello all,

I'm Ahmed, an architect, and I'm working on a proposal for my thesis for a masters that I m doing in Italy on landscape. I need your help in this stage for the formation of the idea and gathering the information, as I've learned from my colleague Rami the great collaboration he had from you. I hope I'll have the opportunity to benefit from your knowledge. Thanks in advance.
Ahmed Gendia
Waterfront revival
Ciao Ahmed,

Go to this link and you will find three PDF files related to your subject. Hope they would be helpful for you:

ArchNet Publications

Best Regards,

Rami Youness
Waterfront revival

How about a little information, unless of course you want us to write your thesis for you?
Shiraz Allibhai
Waterfront revival
Hello all,

Sorry if I didn't clarify what I need. The main point of the thesis is: how the recovering of the waterfront could be a way to revive the densified urban situation of cities...

Focusing on the role of non-mega-projects to create a number of poles of development to the waterfront of a city, taking in consideration the human aspect as a main point in forming the space...

I have some information alrady about some case studies like Barcelona, Cairo, Alexandria and Catania..

This is what I'm searching for so far, and any contribution about the concept, the structure or the information could be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance.
Ahmed Gendia


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