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Designed flexibility in housing

I'm working on a design thesis topic: designed flexibility in housing prototypes, for which I have to design a prototype for the Indian context.

I need a number of case studies and am working on different types of systems by which flexibility can be achieved in housing. I'm working on a history of housing in changing scenarios.

Any suggestions?
Hetal Patel
Designed flexibility in housing

First things first.

India is a big country with large variations w.r.t. regions. Housing in Gujrat is very different from housing in Assam, similarly there is a lot fo difference of housing in Himachal to Housing in Kerala, etc.

You should first fix the region/state/locality. Then find out from case studies what variations are possible (no. of rooms, sizes, building materials, etc.) and at what income levels (you can't sort out too many things).

Check out the concept of expandable homes in which you can add rooms later. Check the history for familiarity with local preferences, natural solutions to climatological problems, etc.

What do you mean by 'flexibility in housing prototype'?

Chitradeep Sengupta
Designed flexibility in housing
Sorry, I read your reply very late so I am late in replying back.
It is a prototype that demonstrates how a building can be repeated and mine is a design thesis so there is no site but the location is Rajkot - Gujarat. It is for the upper middle class family. I am not doing a high tech building for flexibility because it wil end up with study of technology and somehow conventional system. I am right now designing but totally confused with what will be at unit level and then the building level.
So please give your suggetions.
Thank you
Hetal Patel


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