Landscape Architecture
Thesis: Perception through walking
Ciao all,

First I would like to introduce myself. I am an Egyptian architect doing a masters in landscape in Italy. I am writing my thesis on " Perception of waterfront landscape through walking, an experience analysis."

I have already made a structure to the thesis and finished part one (an introductory including the history, the mythical relation between man and water and the problem definition).

Also I intend to point out the waterfront landscape design guidelines in part two, then apply a case study which is Barcelona waterfront and propose a small project in Cairo's Nile waterfront.

I would like to enhance my thesis with your information about this issue or if there are any comments on the title or suggestions to more information resources about the waterfront landscape in general. Thanks in advance.
Ahmed Gendia
Thesis: Perception through walking
Interesting. How about having a narrator to navigate the journey and series of experiences through creation of genius loci and accidental activites? I personally love walking around London due to its complexities and humane scale and proportion.
Maya Sanskrit
Thesis: Perception through walking

First of all thanks to your contribution. I was thinking about something like this more concerned with the human relation with water tracing this relation through history (from considering water a sacred entity to neglection). Dealing with some aspects like the genius loci, perception and surfing the landscape. Now I am working on the waterfront perception in a sort of a comparative form: non-professional perception versus the professional one. If you have any comment or data that could help I will be more than delighted to receive it. Thanks again to your contribution.
Ahmed Gendia
Thesis: Perception through walking
El salam Alekoum
hi. Ahmed i read your topic its great.i want to ask you a bout your master how can you do it in Italy .iam from Egypt too and i want to do my master in Italy and i dont know how to start. thx Ahmed
Fulla Fared


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