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Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Dear all,

In my search for courtyard designs, I came across your webpage. I am not sure if you can help me, but if anyone could take a minute of their time it would be greatly appreciated.

My wife and I are currently building our farmhouse just outside of Bangalore. To make a long story short(ish), we want both the "open" feel of a courtyard, but we also need to have it sealed somehow. I am Canadian and my wife from Andhra, so we do spend considerable amount of time out of Bangalore throughout the year. We are worried that after a 2-week or month long summer school vacation, we will return home to find the rats and squirrels, amongst other fowl, happily residing throughout the house!

Our architect is VERY much against covering, due to the aesthetics. We respect his desire to design a house that appeals to him and has his signature, so to speak, but we are worried about the amount of care it will take if left open. Perhaps I am overestimating what the animals/rodents will do... but it's a big risk.

We are well aware that the "look" will not be the same, but left between the "look" and the reality of mosquitoes and animals, we prefer forsaking the aesthetics.

My wife really wants to have some kind of mesh covering. I am not an architect, but I can see that there are some very real problems with rigging this up. I am not even sure how to get around the eaves, etc. I imagine that as our roof overhangs the walkway around the courtyard by several feet, eaves may not be necessary, and the rain would just fall in. Is that too naive?

The other option is some kind of glass structure. If it were frosted, then perhaps the dirt would not show as much. Can we find plans/ideas for that anywhere?

I don't have the plans with me at the moment, but I think the courtyard itself is about 27 x 20 (feet).

If anyone has any ideas/advice at all, or knows anyone, especially here in Bangalore who we could talk to we would appreciate it.

Best Regards,
Craig Patterson
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Dear Craig,
I would like to help but the information that you had given is not really much but I will try with as much as I can. First let's ask some questions:
Is the situation of the animals and so is that severe?
Second: What about the temperature, as you know if the temperature is high-which is what I think it is- then proposing a glass structure will cause a "green house effect" which will raise the temperature and the humidity.
Thirdly: What about using a semi-opened structure. Meaning you can have a kind of a structure that could be like louvers of glass or an opaque material or a mix that you can control manually to open or to close.
Thus this could serve too as an environmental control system.
Finally I hope this could help you somehow and if you have more data that you could provide us with it could add more to the solution. Wish you a nice day.
Ahmed Gendia
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Hi Craig,
From what I understand, I think you would prefer it open when you are there and closed when you are away. I have been thinking along the same lines for my own project. I would go for a fabric- cheap tarpaulin kind of thing that is readily available with a guide and roller arrangement along the edge of the opening so that the sheet can be rolled into an enclosure when not in use. More like a roller shutter mechanism used horizontally- complete with its enclosure. I would personally not use motor-but this arrangement can easily be mechanized too.
Praveen Kumar
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Hi Craig,

I face a similar situation to cover the courtyard. I'm trying to shield against the winter in Bangalore-which my family feels is unbearable given the warmer places we hail from.

What solution did you implement and is it working for you.

Thanks in advance,
Senthil Arasu
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
thank you archnet librarian for opening the subject with my early posting fact craig had cotected me and we could justify the solution at his residence at bangalore.archnet is a nice portal but at times universal freedom is hampered and knowledge growth and intalactual identity is crushed,wish for the best.
Dushyant Nathwani
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Craig, Why not look at this problem from another angle? If there are lots of pests, why not simply shut away perishables,etc in cupboards?
Frank John Snelling
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)
Craig, Just had another thought. In North West of Spain, the farmers traditionally use louvered stone built grain sheds which sit on bollards surmounted with mushroom caps. :)
Frank John Snelling
Covered courtyard for house in Bangalore (India)

Just happen to see this in one of the website.. please have a look.
Logamoorthy Subramani


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