Landscape Architecture
Visual perception of spaces in landscape
I'm doing my dissertation on the topic - "Visual perception of spaces in landscape architecture". I would like to support this statement through images and designs. It would be great help if someone could express their views and refer articles and case studies. I will be taking the references from history in particular.
Arundhati Ghosh
Visual perception of spaces in landscape
I sent a cd of pictures of the 125 year old Sayaji garden of Vadodara for a presentation in AESA landscape architects meet in Pune, on the "expressions and experinces" theme. The March issue of landscape architecture published from Delhi is also planning a conservation article on the same, prepared by me. Get in touch with me [my details are in ArchNet member profiles], and I will send them to you for academic purpose.
Dushyant Nathwani
Visual perception of spaces in landscape
i have got an assignment.i want some pictures of the houses having landsacpes the front views.plz help me
Laraib Tahir
Visual perception of spaces in landscape
ok dear if i got any thing related to yours topic i wll send u....
Mohd Zeeshan


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