Theory and Criticism
Forget the oldies decontructivism, today's world is about the architectural-genetic-engineering implication into generating architecture.

Individuals/ offices working on this idea are:-
1. John Frazer (pioneer in generative architecture)
2. Plotegg Manfred Wolff (quirky generative art ideas)
3. FOA : reconstructing from the landscape upwards through genetic engineering architectural process or form - a firm rejection of fame and the oldies operating system
4. Kevin Kelly's writing: The New Biology of Machines, Social Systems and the Economic World...


What are your views? Voice them out.
Maya Sanskrit
Humans and Robots (machines) shall always be different. Machines need different shelter than humans. Genetic change/progress/adaptation/mutation in morden times shall be forthcoming by the year 2050. Architecture by that time will have the maturity to put all this knowledge to human use....consumer culture will give way to inner peace culture, which shall reflect in architecture.
Dushyant Nathwani
Maya, turning humans into half-human, half robot cybernetic organisms (cyborg, borg) may sound like the way forward, but then humanity will lose itself. :(((
Frank John Snelling
Let's get the message straight; architectural genetic engineering is not about cybernotics - or a hybrid of human and robots. The topic here is about the method of generating architecture (form, space, design methods and etc) through implementation of a process which is almost similar to genetic engineering. Kevin Kelly's writing is about the possiblity of living in such conditions when this has been taken to the extreme end. His observations are on nature's progression, alike the beehive and how living organisms can mutate and live under such conditions.

Please do a more indepth study before making a judgement on this topic. :)))
Maya Sanskrit
If "organic growth" is what you mean, then yes, working on a grid in three dimensions can always generate such structures. If you study the cross section of a ladies finger and you have a high rise with five fingers joined in central column, services in the center...yes nature can provide many such examples, taking inspiration from organic life is fun...true, I agree, Maya, with your concern.
Dushyant Nathwani


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