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Water Terminal - thesis help
I am a student in my final year of an undergraduate architecture program. My thesis topic is to design a water terminal in Mumbai. I will be designing local, national, and international terminals along with a fishing jetty.
I would like to know of any case studies relating to water terminals, as I am having difficulty finding any.
I am also trying to find out what criteria one should use to determine how many boats and ships a terminal would be serving.
In addition, I would be greatly appreciative if anyone could suggest some web sites where I can find water terminal or airport plans.

Shikha Bharadwaj
Water Terminal - thesis help
Get a hold of a Time Saver Standards reference book and find details about your subject from the appropriate sections.
Dushyant Nathwani
Water Terminal - thesis help
hi shikha,
i hav also selected a similar topic for my thesis. pls could u share the data gathered by u n also can u guide me for the same. i intend to hav cargo as well as passenger activities to b carried out from the terminal.....pls suggest me the information source.....
Kiran Sawarkar
Water Terminal - thesis help
Hi Bharadwaj:

You can look through Time Savers Standard, which is very western based. I would suggest, do a casestudy of a typical vernacular water terminal in your location, through observations, note taking and sketching, more like a reconnisance survet. Then do a comparative analysis, between what conditions are existing, and what time saver standards suggest and where is the void of issues. That will create a playground for you to work and set your design objective and parameters to explore. It will strengthen your design target for your project.


Architectural Environmental Engineer
Farah Naz


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