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Technology and architecture
There are basic forms from the history of architecture, but sometimes these forms can get boring. This reminds me that we don't have enough variation in space quality. Technology could provide us with variation by giving us the freedom to make new spaces.
Rajib Kumar Dey
Technology and architecture

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P Das
Technology and architecture
Rajib, salaam!

Specifically, technology affords us the power to 'carve' out new spaces within infinite pre-existing space.

Technology has compressed 'time' (Mumbai is as close as Nairobi as New York); by expediting communication worldwide, architecture becomes process over product through utility. This impacts our perception of space.

Another way of expressing it might be: buildings are no longer destinations, but have all become gateways. In a sense they have always been so, but now it is instantaneous.

I say that technology DOES give us new abilities and capabilities, but the freedom is from within the designer who uses them, in'shulla!

My best advice - never allow yourself to become bored. That is for the idle rich or the very poor. If the old esthetics do not meet entirely your creative needs, by all means use your own, personal substantive power to enhance, explore, adapt and invent. Don't get in a rut, ever!

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
Technology and architecture
"...buildings are no longer destinations,"
Very well said, Anthony.
Buildings with IT enabled in them actually make you navigate the world.
P Das


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