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Gregorian architecture
hi thr...guys...,,,

see iam in a dilemma rt now....i have got a project to design a hotel...thats a four-storeyed one...thats all fine...but the problem is the design should be in "Gregorian Architecture" wats this "Gregorian Architecture" and its features...i have heard that "Victorian Architecture" had its roots from "Gregorian Architecture"..can anybody please advise me on the features of "Gregorian Architecture"!!!!!
thanks a lot!@!!!
Janeesh Haridas
Gregorian architecture
Tough assignment, expecially since there is no 'Gregorian architecture'. There is the famous Gregorian chants (plainsongs) of the Middle Ages. Maybe what was intended was Cistercian architecture, the architecture of many of the monasteries of the Middle Ages.

Good Luck!
Daniel Owen
Gregorian architecture
oops.....ain't thr anything termd as "gregorian architecture"????intersting.......yup...i know bout the gregorian chants....!!!!!
"Cistercian architecture" is just maintaining the proportions of plan and elevation in 1:2 rt!!!!!!without any external projections and no plasterings rt!!!!!!
Janeesh Haridas
Gregorian architecture
I saw your dilemna - and googled 'gregorian buildings' instead of architecture. There is a stylistic thread that might just be the answer.

Noted buildings within a certain genre include:
.... "In 1800, the (US) federal government moved to Washington, DC and the Department of the Treasury moved into a porticoed Gregorian-style building designed by an English architect, George Hadfield."

Hope this helps -
Eileen Webb


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