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Slum Networking of Indore City
This is a discussion responding to this publication in the ArchNet Digital Library: Davidson, Cynthia C. (ed). Slum Networking of Indore City. In Legacies for the Future: Contemporary Architecture in Islamic Societies. Cynthia C. Davidson (ed). London: Thames and Hudson.
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Slum Networking of Indore City
I need a help from those who are interested in slum development. Does anybody know about this project? I am making a documentry on slums. It is about how to motivate people to develope the slums and how to make them a part of a i m looking for your valuable suggestions. Thanks.
Anirudh Singh
Slum Networking of Indore City
Contact the Vastu-Shilpa Foundation in Ahmedabad. Balkrishna Doshi has published many studies on this subject.
Shiraz Allibhai
Slum Networking of Indore City
Look at the Sanjay Nagar Pilot Project in Slum Networking in Ahmedabad. A good reference is Parikh, Himanshu H(1995) Slum Networking: A Community Based Sanitation and Environment Improvement Programme-Experiences of Indore, Baroda and Ahmedabad, Ahmedabad 1995. Also the Development Planning Unit (DPU), University College, London., is well documented and will certainly help. Good Luck
Mark Saade
Slum Networking of Indore City
making documentry on slums and improvement is good. in india once we had site and services concept promoted by the govt. where plinth with infrastructure were provided, proved waste of govt. and world bank funds. do something else. good-luck.
Dushyant Nathwani


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