Design -- General
What do you think about design?
Design is self actualization. It shows the architect's point of view towards life. That is why every architect has his own style. Do you agree with me or do you have another point of view?
Mina El Deiry
What do you think about design?
Mina, The emphasis of design can be either wholly architect-orientated, whereby the architect designs to please his or her ego, Or the architect primarily designs to meet the wishes of the client within the architect style.
Frank John Snelling
What do you think about design?
design means intended purpose,yes architects intentions are actualised and reflects their point of view towards life in totality , many a times he or she has to mix others intentions or prevailing style/matterial/fashion statement/craft etc. and get the desired results to please the whole to one's reputation as an architect.
Dushyant Nathwani
What do you think about design?
Design can traverse multiple scales of impact. These are both tangible and non tangible. At a micro level it is about an individual's creation or an interpretation of a client's need. However, any design intervention has effects that go beyond the realm of the intent. It always becomes at part of a larger fabric and becomes an initiation point for another intervention.
Shubhra Bhargava


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