Landscape Architecture
Case study: Garden of senses
Hello everyone,

I am in my 9 sem and as part of my thesis, I have to do a case study of garden of senses in Delhi. It would be of great help in you can fwd any kind of information regarding this park.
Sowmya Raju
Case study: Garden of senses
If you are in your 9th semester, why not try a little harder to articulate a statement, opinion, or critique rather than asking for an answer to a question you cannot be bothered to clarify?
Shiraz Allibhai
Case study: Garden of senses
welll i am doin that jus keeping my options open.i am just trying 2 supplemnet my reserach with as much info possible.itz nt some kind of spoon feeding.guess you got it all wrong.
Sowmya Raju
Case study: Garden of senses
i am an 8th sem student n i hv the cad plans of "garden of five senses" with its critical analysis,so if u wish i can mail u those,just send me ur mail id.
Saloni Khetrapal
Case study: Garden of senses
I am doing my thesis on Reclaiming abandoned quarries. i require some information on Garden of five senses as i am doing it as one of my case studies.Please send any related information on my email id :
Sai Sood
Case study: Garden of senses
To add to my store of knowledge, what is a Garden of Five Senses?
Frank John Snelling
Case study: Garden of senses
hey sowmya,
what is your thesis topic?
Mishgan Syed


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