Landscape Architecture
Looking for a specific type of tree

i m designing a building in malaysia with trees on each level,,i figured out the watering system and i exposed them to direct sunlight..
but i required a specific length of tree and its root, so i m looking for a tropical tree, with height of 8meters, and 1meter the depth of the root,,,which means the tree will stop growing when it reaches the above mentioned dimensions. moreover, it must be found easily in malaysia,,

i'd be really thankful if someone could help me to find what i m looking for,,

thank you in advance,,,

Ahmed Saleh
Looking for a specific type of tree
how about Banana tree (pisang emas)... mmm... the local muslim believe that the tree has souls and a heart (jantung) which is used as a herb in the local food called `laksa'... and don't forget, the fruit can be eaten as well.
Maya Sanskrit
Looking for a specific type of tree
thank u a very much...
u saved me in the last minute i waz about to change my design..
thank u again;-)
Ahmed Saleh
Looking for a specific type of tree
...besides banana, you can used plants such as the 'tower tree' (i forgot its scientific name).
Amierul Hamzah Puat Nelson


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