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Islamic Star Patterns
This is a discussion responding to this publication in the ArchNet Digital Library: Lee, A.J. 1987. Islamic Star Patterns. In Muqarnas IV: An Annual on Islamic Art and Architecture. Oleg Grabar (ed.) Leiden: E.J. Brill.
ArchNet Librarian
Islamic Star Patterns
wondering if any links to 'cad drawings' of islamic geometric patterns could be provided. thanks
Nuru Karim
Islamic Star Patterns
For endlessly repeating patterns with seemingly no end and no beginning, Fractals are worth a look. :)))
Frank John Snelling
Islamic Star Patterns
Fractal geometries are apart of generative systems. Michael Batty of Bartlett, University College London is a team which investigate and research into such theory implications in patterns, urban growth and etc. This is definately an interesting and progressive idea to look into.
Maya Sanskrit
Islamic Star Patterns
salam all.
Islamic star patterns are compeletly distinctive from fractals.
Their geometry, formation, development & purposes are not the same.
Endlessly patterns with no end and no beginning, in Islamic architecture are Eslimi (known as arabesque) patterns.
Repeating patterns are often geometrical patterns like Girih & Rasmi &... -often having Shamseh (star)-
And also many compounds of both them there exist.
For both, herbaceous patterns (like Eslimi) & Geometrical patterns (like Girih) you only require time, interest, paper, pencil, mood and little experience! and maybe a guide book.
You dont require to purchase drawings!
It will soon become a day that you can design complicated patterns.
In forced time also you can use many refrences by searching key words: Girih, Muqarnas,...
for example, see:
But its drawings are not in Cad format. It will takes you a short time to draw anyone and enjoy!
Mahdi Raeisi Nafchi


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