Landscape Architecture
Thesis "Waterfront Spaces"
Hello to all my seniors and collegues!!

I am an architecture student and having my thesis this semester. My thesis topic is "Waterfront Spaces" werin i am trying to create spaces for the public. The basic aim is to sustain a variety of recreational activities in multiple areas and to create atmosphere for social interaction among different communities, which is lacking nowadays.

Hence, looking forward for your comments and advices for the same.
Priya Maheshwari
Thesis "Waterfront Spaces"
hello , my thesis is also some sort of like ths ,, my thesis is aquatic park ,,has a concept of recreating with aquatic elements as water based areas ,, . and aquarium buildings ..

if u wanna help to any type , reply me , i ll try my best ,,
Saima Gazal
Thesis "Waterfront Spaces"
hello i have my dissertation this semester and my topic is merely the same ! can you guys please provide with the material for it!
Simran Kaur


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