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Design for a place of worship
We as a team of students have to design a place for worship in Chandigarh. We were thinking of a mosque,a monastry or a Bahai temple, but we cannot have any planes intersecting at 90. Any suggestions or links are welcome.
Rajat Malik
Design for a place of worship
Salaam -

Spherical volume, round or circular in base - note discussions of minbar at Archnet (elsewhere) - but a gently rising ramp over steps. Another option, perhaps the congregational area at lowest level, accessible from street by ramping - minbar at street level?

If building a mosque - qiblah, in my opinion is one of the most important elements. So it is the obtainment of 'directional focus' which conveys the philosophic assumption and certainty of islamic customs and geometric, global realities.

There is intinsic to the language of elevation within a mosque which needs to be addressed carefully: that there is no one on the same level as Allah, nor anyone above anyone else at any time, before God.

Of course, I am assuming a mosque - and there are always cultural issues and sensitivities, availability and/or use of vernacular materials as opposed to imported construction materials (steel versus clay, for example), community context and site to consider.

I find your project extremely interesting - this nothing less then exploration of a true global language through architecture! Best wishes!

ma salemah!
Anthony Stewart
Design for a place of worship
hi rajat malik team!

tadao andos sanctuaries can be examples to think about your problem.
they are "places for worship".
the clear and minimal language of t.ando may be the answer to the question of building - type. the meditation space at UNESCO, Paris, (1994/5) is such a place without any oblgation to the religion of the prayer. see also churches and temples designed by this japanese architect surching the web.

just today i found namaz-khaneh in tehran (1978!), a great example by an iranian architect: kamran diba.
in archnet four images are posted.

good luck
and post your ideas
at the discussion forum.
Alexander Wehrle
Design for a place of worship
decide the basic data for whom u r designing.will respond again
Pradeep Gayawal
Design for a place of worship
thanks people ......for your response...we have decided on a mosque ...more of a complex ..than just a mosque...
but we are still confused on the building vocabul;ary we need to maintain that and at the same time fulfill our req...if i could have your email. ids,gtalk ids,yahoo...soo that i can contact u would be great ..or u could add me if u dont want to disclose it online....its
Rajat Malik
Design for a place of worship
hi rajat
i am to working for the same competition just wanted to inform you that they are looking forward more towards the structural innovation ,form and graphics ..
good luck
b in touch
Haripriya Dalal
Design for a place of worship
Hello, Rajat
I think "place of worship" is belonged to worship of your mind. In every religion, their symbols are described. I say you that you think your religion and dream about your project. It is very interesting. Do you agree ? I face some problem as you.I search the same thought and data for Buddhist Stupa. Let try your best.
May be happy.
Suphyu Hlaing
Design for a place of worship
If you can't use 90 degree angles then muqarnas are an ideal design element. Please see my 'Muqarnas/muquarnas - computer renders' at Of course, geodesic domes would suffice. Good luck, Dan
Daniel Owen
Design for a place of worship
Rajat, I am researching in Designing The Mosque Architecture, at this stage I have understand in following three Points for Design A mosque.
1- Development of mosque through the history and culture.
2-Ritual of Worship Related to the Mosque.
3-context of Site Where Mosque will Place.

Please add or enhance my point of view, it will help.
Furqan Khatri
Design for a place of worship
hi,rajat this is shoeb,
hi,rajat this is shoeb,
to start with aloow me to give you a breaf introduction

about the subject,chandigar was actually indias first

weldesigned city.its plans were choosen by pandit jawahar

lal nehru to shift indias capital from calcuta to

chandigar.the design was first made for new york city us

and after its rejection from us ,pandit ji selected it for

chandigar.its so wel designed that even after 60 years of

its processing at actual it is still capable ofconsuming

next 100 years of growth and populatin in it. near the

rever bank the tample of mata chandi is actually simbolised

as the brain and then you have all 7 type of roads

distribution and sectors devision in the shape of a human

realy nice work by,jane andrews and her assistant at that time.
my openion is for the mosque if you design keep the centeral grit x -10 digree west. than y 100.
offset with a patern of 7 .keep following golden mean ractangle with magic number seven. use pointed arch in the the without bat stone,use arch of taj mahal type,and strictly follow the simitry patern,with one dome in centre and two minarets at the corners.keep thr line of tangant of the central arch to cross the centre line of minaret will fix the heigt...........and if you mix golden mean ractangle with simitry and a pater of 7 got the exact design in propotios.............

for any kind of help feel free to contact me on
Shoeb Q. Farshori
Design for a place of worship
dear daniel..
i found the Muqarna,a very interesting geometrical shape ..but the info. available on the link is very limited looking fr more sources but if u could help me with more .it would be of gr8 help...nd if i could have your email.
Rajat Malik


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