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Jobs in UAE
I need to find out is if there is an up to date good comprehensive website database on specifically UAE architecture firms based in Dubai. Alternatively does anyone know of any local well known architecture recruitment companies that offer job opportunities in this region. Can anyone help?
Yasser Al Saheal (architect)
Jobs in UAE
Try website for Khaleej Times
Zain Abedin
Jobs in UAE
Thanks for that Zain Abedin. The link to khaleej times looks promising from there I have managed to track another link to Nadia online, an online recruitment firm, which I will also try.
Do you or anyone know of good UAE, Dubai based architectural database of firms. This possibly might be connected to UAE insitute of architects, engineers - ie a prime source for clients wishing to source firms, the equivalent of RIBA in u.k or AIA in the u.s.
Yasser Al Saheal (architect)


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