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Shopping malls
i would like to know that as most of us have obserevd that mostly shopping malls have artificial lighting.
and have a central ventilation program. Moreover usually the roof is used to provide natural light...............But
could this be done without that?
Mahrukh Mirza
Shopping malls
Definitely, designer creates the space base on the aesthetically, functionality & practicality. We can��t say yes or no to your question as I deeply believed architect required to do all the research, site orientation, analysis, etc and finally design development. Architect also base on the local culture context, the site history or background, and then define if how much natural sun light or artificial light need to contribute to the building. And of course, local rule & regulation was also the major issue to constrain the design.
The very important point for this topic is, designer encourages providing the friendly environment to the end users. Thus natural light was the main resources & consideration for every building. This result helps to minimize the cost & in using artificial light as the global warming alarm is ringing now.
What do you guys think about it??
Yg Hui
Shopping malls
hi Mahrukh,
you might want to have a look at city centre shopping mall in kolkata designed by charles correa...
Debashree Banerjee
Shopping malls
As per function both natural and artificial light and ventilation are necessary because shopping malls operate after evenings too.

here i have designed a 'real saver' where vnatural ventilation ,light and as well as stairs that move up half a story to reach a new plinth......
Sher Saddozai
Shopping malls
I do understand that in order to design you have take in all aspects under consideration. I'm a second year student of architecture and this assignment is basically to understand this.
i'll like to explain my site a bit.
It is a corner plot at the junction of the two most busiest roads.
the dimension are 180' x 400'
The major problem is on the east there is a 46 story plaza under construction. how ever my mall has to be just 3 stories. Now i don't want the 46 story plaza to affect the view of my building.
But no matter how i change the position or fragment my building it just doesn't fit.
i want to provide a central court open or skylight but but my teacher says its just using up extra space.

P.S ... Mr sher the pic was unclear so i couldn't see it properly
Mahrukh Mirza
Shopping malls
Yes Marukh , your welcome ..
What you see is only a front elevation ,the ground floor is almost all vacant !
There are floors in basement for Parking and Service /Security authorities ..
The rest floors are split intelligently with shops parading all around the different routes of shoppers traffic ,like staircases and escalators and elevators take public around the mall ........It's like a Maze.There are lot of windows .

you can Email me .. for detail view into the visual...
Sher Saddozai
Shopping malls
hi.. you should know how many square meter required to sell.. then architectural strategies can follow that program to make the project successful.. My recommendation for skylight in shopping mall is to have small direct light portion while majority openings should be indirect lighting design.. such as clerestory, lightshelves, reflected roof, etc.. to make the space look more pleasant and energy efficient.. (depending on where your site is.. ) i am investigating a skylight design in shopping malls in bangkok and dubai.. for such configurations with some constraints/requirements.. will share the results when it is finished...
Acharawan Chutarat
Shopping malls
Hello Sher
I've mailed you. I'll be looking forward for your reply.
Mahrukh Mirza
Shopping malls
Mahrukh .Mirza ,I hope you do not want others to design for you . I have to tell you and even your teacher who is objecting your view for your design : Do not forget it is your idea your view your way of thinking about the particular design whatever it may be .. Do not forget what ever you design if is possible to use it for other proposed without change and alternating , your design can not be proper since can be use for other propose ,, regarding city centre , I suggest you to have some case study in different building and look at them from your view point of you ( not your teacher or me) and watch them see the users behavior in the building ,movements , utilization of space, check the customers reaction when they move around ,,,,,,and after analyzing all start your work.. and one think Don��t forget : always the best building will not design by very famous Architect ,,,any of you Students of college of architecture can become one of the top in the world ���� take the guide of others and make sure design will be Yours Only
Ali Farid
Shopping malls
That was subtle 'Brother Ali..On another discission i explained about archtecture being a 'heridiary arts ' being sold by public education in a singular phase for complimenting modren development...

you said...utilization of space, check the customers reaction when they move around ,,,,,,

Naturally modren shopping trends are changing and fewer prosperous people going window shopping to roam around ,although that will still be a trend. today most of us have learnt to choose shops that start delivering individual attention or even have membership...a open mall with many entrances and exits helps do your business and rush out and utilize lesser energy.

I feel Mahrukh has all the right to research from living reference as much from proposed reference. The fear in colleges and Universities that this years syllabus was printed for this year is a business accord to the same end again to let carry on reference material although in my view arts have reached thier perfection.
Sher Saddozai


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