Theory and Criticism
Authentic architecture, the space of good architecture
-Are all building architecture?

-What is iconic architecture? Can iconic architecture be always authentic?

-The good and beautiful architecture, is all beautiful architecture good architecture?

-Which building you find to the authentic building, and the reason why?

- does authentic architecture need to be supported by the genera will(mass)?
Atisha Varshney
Authentic architecture, the space of good architecture
The answers
1. Architecture is the built environment��all buildings thus qualify as architecture if people can spend a proper-fraction of their lifetime in them. Nobody on earth should comment on the aesthetic quality of architecture since it cannot be objectively evaluated. A building is good architecture if people can efficiently perform the intended activities in the enclosed space.
2. Iconic architecture is a mere symbol. It may or may not be functional. Since there is nothing called authentic architecture, an iconic architecture is a success if it fulfils its purpose.
3. Do not ever make the mistake of evaluating the aesthetic quality of an architect��s work. Architecture is NOT AN ART. Art is a functional element with varying weightages in different works of architecture. Every building need not be beautiful in your eyes��see if it serves its purpose or not.
4. Too vague a question��what do you mean by the word authentic in this context?
5. Architecture must win the hearts of the people (masses) whom it is intended to serve.
Sandip Chakrabarti


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