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Design Culture
Can someone define the term 'design culture'?
Jennifer Doyle
Design Culture
design is defined as "intended purpose" and culture , means prevailing trend at a place of time , now you can interpreat meaning of design practice design students/teachers/proffessionals when reinvent some idea they use the term design culture as they have intentionally given new meaning to the prevailent concept inherted in time and place.....v.interesting sub.
Dushyant Nathwani
Design Culture
Just a thought:

Design Culture - is that phenomenon whereby a particular style catches the fancy of a select group of designers who incorporate that style into their own work, modifying bits of it here and there and passing it on as a reinterpretation of the original; which in turn catches the fancy of other more designers who incorporate the reinterpreted version into their works and then pass them on also as a reinterpretation. This cycle goes on with the unintended effect of creating a character to define that particular place and time.
Jofer Magsi
Design Culture
Nice post...
lucy maik
Design Culture
Jennifer, "design culture" sounds rather like the old joke `how do you tell if someone is an artist?` Answer, `because they wear a paint-covered smock`. In other words design is implict in culture, and vice versa, culture is implicit in design.

Although, working backwards, this is one of the games of "Oneupmanship" played by elitists everywhere, so the real use of the term "design culture" is to ever so delicately infer the inferiority of every other culture.
Frank John Snelling


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