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Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
Do you ever feel that some buildings or designs have an hypnotic effect on you?

Examples of what i mean:

* you can't lift your eyes from the buildings.
* Your mood changes after looking at them (for better or worse - but it changes).

Mostly, ancient buildings do this to me - such as the Colosseum in Rome, or the Pyramids. Something about their proportions, symmetry, angles.. But modern buildings can do that as well.
What do you think, and if you agree, please give examples of buildings that do this to you.

Note: I'm generally interested in hypnosis. It is my biggest hobby, after i learned it from some online courses (If you're interested, I got most of them from reviews here: Learn to Hypnotize) plus with another hypnotist. I believe hypnosis works, but if you don't - please don't debate this. Just answer which buildings have a "hypnotic-like" effect on you...
Kimberley Seldon
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
hello Kimberly.

i don't know much about hypnosis, and i wouldn't know if it were to happen to me (maybe that's why they call it hypnosis). but i would like to mention the Burj Dubai.

it's her elegant symmetry that invokes the air of a princess soon to be queen. contenders are well in their planning stages, and she sets the bar not just in height but also in taste.

she's not finished yet, and i'm sincerely hoping the final result would be faithful to the design featured in their website.
Jofer Magsi
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
one other thing, Kimberly, to your understanding, are propaganda and advertising examples of hypnotism?
i ask if only to clarify your inquiry in that you are referring to 'hypnotism' occurring simultaneously with seeing the actual structure as opposed to seeing it in other forms of media.
Jofer Magsi
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
Taj Mahal!
P Das
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
Do not you think this is an impotant point for the thing we address as artistical masrepiece,ignoring the time and location? I think so.
Saeedeh Hosseini
Hypnotic Buildings / Designs that Hypnotize ?
Kimberley, Concrete must have a hypnotic effect on modern architects, or we would not see so much bare concrete and as "Nature abhors a vacuum", other people are hypnotised into filling the vacuum with graffitti. :)))
Frank John Snelling


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