Theory and Criticism
Abstraction - Beauty or Ugly?
Schroder House - in terms of spacing is it functional or unfuntional?

Many other buildings adopt "ABSTRACTION"..

Is " abstraion " a brand new or a revival of something else?
Wariya Cheersirikul
Abstraction - Beauty or Ugly?
dear cheersirikul.

abstraction ??? certainly beautiful. well, it's because "abstraction has a creator"
confuse ?? please read my comment in the title of "beauty" its a thread from someone named ahmed ali.

there's no such thing as ugly.

zhang rui zhi
Muhammad Rifki Mazhar
Abstraction - Beauty or Ugly?
Abstraction of Originality in Architecture

A world of superficial abstraction, where everything is being mystified, stupefied, has lost the charm of the its originality.

Abstraction has gone transcending towards the new definition of space and experienced. The communication is implicit.

The understanding of abstraction is itself abstract and thought to be communicated holistically.
The holistic nature and experience cannot be achieved at the highest level of abstraction though it is expected.

Architecture�� is a powerful psychological tool to educate/facilitate, the people around it..
A designed building is still incomplete, because it cannot give the complete picture of the architect�s idea. It is still a exercise with form and functions. The ability of the architecture to reach one�s mind, apart from objective reality and subjective association.

It should evoke the emotional self.

Each and Every element in the building should have its task assigned towards the phenomenal and holistic experience of the building.

To include sculptures and paintings which exhibit architects interpretation and also which can act as a catalyst for the chain reaction.which consequently becomes a complete dossier of the design exercise. Otherwise it�s a cut paste, made by any artist in different time in alien context.

The holistic understanding of experience of the building should somehow come out!
Akshay Anand
Abstraction - Beauty or Ugly?
Wariya, Abstraction in architecture is probably another word for minimalist. And abstraction as reductionism to the point where nothing is identifiable becomes the essence of meaningless. Abstractionism and realism can be ugly or beautiful, not one or the other.

For balance, I use the terms "Good, bad,ugly" to describe anything, because to know what is beautiful or ugly, it is necessary to know the difference between what is good, what is bad and what is ugly.

What I mean by "good, bad and ugly" in design terms is the difference between "aesthetic, unaesthetic and anaesthetic". With aesthetic music the heart, mind and soul are enlightened with beauty, with unaesthetic music the heart, mind and soul are disturbed and with anaesthetic music the heart, mind and soul are numbed.

The idea that "good, bad and ugly" are all of equal validity is a Modern Day Nihilist fallacy. Because the other side of this coin is that "good, bad and ugly" are equally meaningless.
Frank John Snelling


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