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Modern Balinese house
How would you desrcibe a modern designed house, and what are the characterisics of balinese designed architecture, and ow would you combine both tastefully?
Maryam Hamzah
Modern Balinese house
balinese design usually concern about environment. with asta kosala kosali rule, they make house with special measurement from the owner of the house.
Natah system make different taste for this architecture.
combine modern and balinese. some architect from here believe they can do can look from vila projects in bali. but for me it very difficult to combine balinese architecture and modern architecture. we just can make modern architecture with balinese style.............
Achmad Sanad
Modern Balinese house
you can contact udayana university if you want to.... there is a lot of knowledge about balinese architecture there, I m also alumni of udayana university that's why if you want to know further you can contact them
Achmad Sanad


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